What does it mean when we say we believe in 'Old School Values and Customer Service?'

We believe that it means we follow through on our promises, value our customer's time, we handle both yours and our business with integrity and we still believe in honoring a deal with a handshake. 

Hallum Fuel Distributors isn’t just your run of the mill fuel supplier, we firmly believe that we are in a partnership with our dealers and clients. 

Below are the 7 promises we make to our clients:

  1. We tell the truth even if it hurts.
  2. We know your time is valuable so we don’t waste it with needless runaround.
  3. We inform you ahead of time of any delays or issues.
  4. We keep you informed about the market and whether it’s heading up or down so you can make informed decisions.
  5. We constantly look at pricing scenarios and pull points to deliver our customers the best price possible.
  6. We monitor your tank levels and automate your fuel deliveries to maximize price efficiencies. 
  7. We keep you informed and up to date industry news and regulations, such as when dealing with mandates like the new EMV requirements.