We know it may sound cliché but at Hallum Fuel Distributing we actually do believe in outworking the competition, we also try to work smarter.  

How do we do that, well here’s just a number of different and unique ways:

  1. We know that not everyone is on our schedule and might need information from someone at Hallum at any given time, so we provide things like pricing and delivery status through our website’s customer portal for you to access at any time you see fit.
  2. It’s become customary in the wholesale fuel business to just deal with your provider over the phone or by email these days.  At Hallum, it’s not just our sales people but our management as well that make regular visits to our clients place of business.  It’s called getting to know your customers better, finding out what their needs are and meeting those needs.  That’s what we do best.
  3. At Hallum, we know trust is an important factor when choosing a supplier.  We also know that your current supplier is most likely over charging you, giving you less than satisfactory service and do not provide the extras that matter.  Some of you may even have multiple suppliers because of trust issues and you play them off one another.  I’d being lying if I said there were never any hiccups but at Hallum Fuel Distributors, we grow our business by building trust with clients through kept promises, delivering exceptional service and going the extra mile whenever necessary.
  4. Last but not least we’re available by phone, day or night, 24/7 in order to serve your fuel needs.